Ernst Guillaume, MBA

Your Financial Health

Finances play a pivotal role in our lives and relationships. From owning a home to raising children and planning for our future, finances color almost every aspect of our lives.  The fact that we can’t clearly predict how the future will look like, we need to plan and save to reduce the risk of a personal financial crisis. For instance, we may not know when we’ll get laid off; when our car will break down or something in our house will go off; when we will get sick and get a fat medical bill. All these often times are out of our control. What’s on our control, though, is how we use what we earn.  Unfortunately, some of us have some habits that can be detrimental to our financial health and we need help. For instance, gambling, shopaholism, frequent eating out, taking debt to have fun, unnecessary service purchases, etc. Honestly, there are things which we just can’t do on our own. We need someone to help us be financially healthy - the same way we go to a medical doctor to help us get better physically. 

To be financially healthy means having the awareness of our financial situation, needs and wants, and develop plans and goals to reach the financial potential we deserve. We can’t be financially healthy out of the blue, though. We need to work for it. We need to do something. Everything has a principle. For instance, to be physically healthy, we need to eat right, sleep, and exercise. Similarly, to be financially healthy, we need to create a budget and save, set goals, practice discipline to stick to the budget and follow the rules. As a result, when we waste less, we will stress less about finances, save or save more for retirement, invest or invest more, and meet our financial responsibilities better. 

It is in this idea, Guillaume Supportive Solutions devotes itself  to help you develop and maintain your financial health by identifying your financial position, needs, and putting a smart goal together to help you reach your full potential. 

About Your Financial Coach

Ernst is a financial coach and business coach whose passion is to help individuals and small businesses to develop plans and strategies to reach their  financial goals. Ernst believes that we all need help in life and that’s OK. Having some financial struggles in a very materialistic world can be intimidating; but having the courage to seek help and work hard  to claim our financial health, can be heroic.  Ernst will carefully assess your financial situation, help you develop a plan , set goals, and provide you with adequate resources so you can  reach your financial potential. He will guide you through the end until you reach your financial goal(s). 

Ernst has more than five years experience in operational and capital budgeting, and personal finance. He has worked for both profit and non-profit companies where he managed an annual budget of $7M to $500M. Before his experience in finance, he devoted more than 6 years in teaching languages (English, Spanish, and French) to speakers of other languages and business professionals locally and internationally. He also worked as a translator and an interpreter for the United Nations and non-governmental organizations in Haiti. Ernst has worked with diverse ethnic groups and cultures from all over the world.

Ernst is also well-suited academically. He has two bachelor degrees: one in applied linguistics from Faculte de Linguistique Appliquee and the other in Business Administration with a specialty in technology from California Baptist University. He also has a Master of Business Administration with a specialty in finance from Redlands University in California. 

Ernst’s hobbies involve dancing, reading, writing, and stocks trading. He also likes watching movies in his spare time and playing with his children. He is a jovial person who laughs whether it rains or shines. He is very easy-going but very disciplined and pragmatic. He is also very patient and a great listener. 

Our personal finance coaching areas of focus are: Budgeting and saving, debt management, and financial literacy.