Nahomie Guillaume, LMFT


Nahomie Guillaume, LMFT, MBA

Here, I share a little bit about me, to help you decide if we would be a good match to help you in your journey. My knowledge and skills, wisdom, personality, and life experiences (the joyful and the painful moments) are all the tools that I  use to help my clients.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (License #48571), Oregon (License # T1492) and Texas (License #202775). I have over 18 years of experienced in the field and have been licensed more than 14 years. I have a master's in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Business Administration, and a bachelor's in Psychology (emphasis in Christian Behavioral Science) and Communication arts (emphasis in Theater Arts). I also have a certification in life coaching and prayer therapy. I went to California Baptist University for both my undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology. 

 I was trained specifically in integration of Christians principles and behavioral science.  My natural God-giving wisdom, as well as wisdom from of old – cross-culture knowledge that expands beyond time and region, including African heritage way of life, is also interwoven in my work. I enjoy learning and am always finding opportunities to expand my knowledge bank, be it reading a book,  doing research, attending workshops, or consulting with my peers. 

I am a people person and enjoy getting to know others. I love helping others and am passionate about what I do. I believe in living life to the fullest and in helping others in their own journey. I am warm, considerate, and  not afraid to challenge you towards growth. I enjoy reading, writing, walking, hiking, dancing in my living room and watching movies, talking on the phone with friends, spending time with my family, traveling, and eating out – trying authentic ethnic dishes.

I am a wife and a mother. My husband and I are privilege to have four children -2 boys and 2 girls (3 biological and 1 stepchild). I have lost 2 children through miscarriage and a stillbirth. God has blessed my husband and me with a fourth child through another woman’s womb. I would never wish the circumstances of my 4th child’s conception and birth on my worst enemy, but for the growth and blessings through it all, I am thankful.  I have experience God’s wonders in my heart and in my family. Now I specialize in betrayal and infidelity, using many of the life lessons I have learned and am learning to help others. There is a say in the Haitian culture, ‘Maladi kon remed’, meaning those who have been sick are the one who finds the cure. Healing is a life time journey and I am thankful to be a walking in it with God’s grace. When I say to someone you can overcome great pain and sin and come out better, I  (and my family) are a living testimony of that. But I don’t think I could have overcome and overcoming without my faith and security in God.

Nahomie Guillaume

I have juggled a full time career for several years and now. I was home for a short time with them in the past, and now I get to have the flexible life/schedule I have desired, balancing career and motherhood on my time.. Through my children and husband, I have learned many things about me, the world around me, and God.  For me being a wife and mother is a journey, and each day I learn something new. I am Haitian. I was born and raised in Haiti until the age of 12. I am a Christian. For me, Christianity is who I am and who I am becoming.  It is my purpose and my destiny.  It is the foundation of and central reason for my work. I become an avenue of hope, healing, and support to you because I am a Christian. I live to demonstrate the love, the power, and the goodness of my God through my work and my life. I work with clients from all walks of life. I enjoy meeting people of different background and beliefs who are exploring life and learning about this higher being their own way, through their own culture and religion, though the name of God for them may be different from my own Christian background. I love seeing what God does in people’s lives who may or may not even be aware of His presence. I love that God is universal in the sense that at one time or another we all eventually get to ask or experience the question, in our own way, is there something or someone higher out there?

If you are looking for someone whom you can connect with on an experiential level, I am that therapist. I look forward to assisting you and be an avenue of hope, healing, and support to you, in your life’s journey.