Speakers, Ernst and Nahomie Guillaume

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Ernst Guillaume and Nahomie Guillaume are vibrant and passionate speaker . Who they are and their life stories are an inspiration to others. Their words of wisdom are profound and touch the core of the listeners. Ernst and Nahomie are available to speak at corporate events, church/religious events, schools, Men or women events, workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, and radio and television programs.  They can customize training sessions for your employees.  They have a heart for men, women, and children.

They are well-rounded and speaks on a wide range of personal, spiritual,  and business topics such as personal finance,  mental well-being, spiritual growth and relationship with God, and the foundation for a healthy and safe family, the foundation of a safe and healthy relationship and marriage. Other topics include but not limited to ethical business practices, managing employees, business planning strategies, mental health in the work place, personal culture in the work place, mental health in minority groups.

Ernst and Nahomie on the air_Bazz's Basement 

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