Sydnee Ettelson, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor, CADC I

 Hi, I’m Sydnee Ettelson. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a substance abuse counselor. I provide mental health services and relationship counseling  I specialize in providing cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, emotional focused therapy, and solution focused therapy to individuals and couples. I have worked with individuals experiencing trauma for five years within a community health setting. For the past five years I have specialized to treat members and their families who are enduring hardships with mental health and substance use disorders. Many of my clients came from diverse family, cultural, and gender communities; and all of my clients had experienced homelessness, abuse from childhood, and/or domestic violence. I hope to treat everyone I encounter with a trauma informed approach, which understands that anyone and everyone experiences trauma on some level in their life. 

Through my education I have gained knowledge of being a certified nursing assistant working in hospice. I have learned through this experience and many others in community health the stages of grief and loss. And through this I have learned skills to provide grief counseling to families and those experiencing end of life symptoms. Past education has also brought me to meet expectations for a doula certification. With this certification I was able to provide support to new couples experiencing the beginning and after stages of pregnancy. Through my early years in community health, I became certified in assisting those with hoarding disorders and have worked with many individuals on their attachment to belongings and readiness for change. 

Licensed Professional Counselor Sydnee Ettelson - Faith-Based, Trauma-Informed Care

Sydnee is not accepting new clients.

Counseling has been a journey of mine that has allowed me to build connections with people so that they can heal from life’s challenging moments. Challenges are meant to be a test of our ability to overcome circumstances. All of us have lived through hardships in our life, and I believe counseling can be a place to provide space to process and work through these challenging moments. By doing this anyone is capable of achieving peace to move forward in life.
Growing up I was enrolled at a primarily white private Christian school. I myself come from an English/Scottish background. I spent my elementary and middle school years in this Christian environment. As I went on to high school, I eventually moved to a public education, where the people around me were predominantly Hispanic/Latino. In this new environment I quickly had some learning curves for my faith and kindness toward others. I quickly found communities around me with sports, church, and volunteer work with the Key Club organization. 

After high school I moved to a small town to start my college education. Here I formed more communities that primarily were volunteer based in the town and school. I met people from all walks of life, all sorts of diverse cultures, and I learned from everyone I encountered. After moving back home to finish my undergraduate degree, I started working for a community health organization with dual diagnosis clients who were homeless. It was here that I began knowing my purpose was to help others. My heart grew for every person I worked with, and I learned to follow my faith while allowing space for others. This past year I have spent time exploring different religions as my work has forced me to think about my faith; however I still hold strong to my Christian beliefs. I believe that everyone is worthy, kindness is what should be taught, and peace is what we will achieve after a life lived.