Who are Guillaume Counseling Services and How Can They Help You

In this modern-day world where life is constantly on the go, coping with everyday intricacies becomes much harder.
Trying not to be brought down by balancing work while looking after family responsibilities and carefully journeying through intricate personal relationships demands a lot of resilience.
However, it helps to have the right support system as you go through these struggles.
This is where empathetic professionals at Guillaume Counseling Services come in; they offer a listening ear and professional guidance to aid people in confidently enduring various hardships they face in life.

Introducing Guillaume Counseling Services

Guillaume Counseling Services is a focused practice offering expert family counseling that emphasizes maternal and paternal mental health. We are proud of our multicultural approach, which assists clients across Oregon and California from all walks of life.
At Guillaume Counseling Services, we believe you deserve support that both appreciates and respects your religious or cultural heritage, whether you are a person of faith or not.

Specialization in Maternal and Paternal Mental Health

We specialize in maternal and paternal mental health. When one becomes a parent, life changes tremendously and there are issues that arise out of it.

  • Maternal Mental Health: Guillaume Counseling Services is here to help you when overwhelmed during pregnancy or after birth. As we understand, motherhood comes with its own challenges such as career, home and personal time balancing.
  • Paternal Mental Health: Being a father may not only be difficult if you’ve never been through it before but also if you’re experienced at it. Guillaume Counseling Services assists fathers who have to juggle parenting with work at different stages.

Services for Couples, Individuals, and Families

  • Couple’s Counseling: Guillaume Counseling Services specializes in interracial, multi-ethnic and inter-ethnic marriages. Our aim is to make relationships stronger while building better lives. It does not matter whether you’ve been recently married or have been together for decades.
  • Individual Therapy: For adolescents or adults who suffer from anxiety attacks, depression or loss of faith, we provide individual therapies. Due to our cultural sensitivity, this makes it right for those from different cultures.
  • Family Therapy: The practice offers family therapy, including work with extended family members. Intermarriage, cultural assimilation, and intergenerational dynamics are some of the issues we address.

Commitment to Cultural Diversity

Guillaume Counseling Services’ commitment is rooted in cultural diversity. Our services are in various languages, including Haitian Creole, Hindi,Tagalog, Filipino, Konkani and Spanish — languages offered vary depending on the location. This dedication means more individuals can access assistance in a convenient language.

Support for Various Mental Health Issues

Besides our specialized services, Guillaume Counseling Services offers treatment for various mental health problems, such as anxiety disorder or depression as well as generic life stress management.
Furthermore, we offer a supportive space for those on a spiritual journey, catering to clients from all faith backgrounds or those without religious affiliation.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Guillaume Counseling Services is easy. You can make an appointment by calling, sending us email or visiting our website contact page.
We also offer a self-registration option for added convenience.
Guillaume Counseling Services is ideal if you need comprehensive and culturally sensitive counseling services.
We focus primarily on the mental health of mothers and fathers and we also provide other services to individuals, families and couples, hence ensuring that you will be able to find help when confronted with life’s difficulties.


What types of services does Guillaume Counseling Services offer?

Guillaume Counseling Services provides several counseling options such as family therapy, couple counseling, and individual therapy. We do specialize on maternal as well as paternal mental health, offering relief with apprehension, depression or strain.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can reach us via phone call, drop us an email or visit the contact page on our website — you can even schedule counseling on your own with one of our therapists through registration.

What languages are spoken by the counselors at Guillaume Counseling Services?

The counselors at Guillaume Counseling Services speak multiple languages. Spanish and Haitian Creole in Oregon, Hindi, Tagalog/Filipino, Konkani and Haitian Creole in California are spoken to give clients a chance to express themselves in their preferred languages.

Do you provide services for multicultural and immigrant families?

Certainly, Guillaume Counseling Services is committed to multicultural and immigrant families. We offer culturally sensitive services that deal with cultural assimilation, among other issues, such as intergenerational conflicts.

Are the services at Guillaume Counseling Services confidential?

Yes, the therapy sessions offered at Guillaume Counseling Services are very confidential. We have strict privacy guidelines to ensure your personal information and discussions remain undisclosed.

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