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Maternal Mental Health and Paternal Mental Health

Integration of Faith, Science , and Wisdom


We specialize in maternal mental health  and paternal mental health. We serve clients from all walks of life.  We work with clients of faith background or no faith. Cultural diversity is important to us. We offer our clients a wide range of therapists from all walks of life, serving Oregon and California. 


Couple's Counseling: Interracial couples and multi-ethnic couples

It is good to develop healthy habits and learn to effectively manage yourselves and the relationship early on. We help couples during the early years of their marriage, as well as those who have been married for years. We specialize in working with multi-ethnic/interracial/intercultural couples.

Paternal Mental Health

Are you a new father, wanting some support in this journey of fatherhood? Are you a seasoned father in need of some support as you navigate the different seasons of parenting? Are you stressed by the demands of work and family life? We are hear to support you in your fatherhood journey.

Maternal Mental Health

Are you pregnant or just gave birth within the past year, and feeling more overwhelmed than usual or having difficulty with the pregnancy or the baby? Are you juggling the too often triple role of working-mother-wife and need help maintaining your values? We are hear to support you in your motherhood journey.

Counseling for immigrant families

We provide culturally sensitive services to our immigration community. We provide services in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. We provide individual therapy, family therapy, include work with extended family members. We address issues of cultural assimilation, work with intergenerational and intercultural. We work with clients who are mixed, multiracial.

Mental Health Counseling

We provide counseling and support for those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress of life, and other mental health issues. We provide individual therapy, to youth and adults.

Christian Counseling or Faith-based

Spirituality, faith, connecting to something or someone higher than us is of most important to many. We provide a space for you to show up with your values and beliefs, be heard, or be supported in your spiritual journey. We provide support to those from community of faith who are struggling with daily stress or mental health issues. We work with clients from all spiritual/religeous background or lack of.

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