Christian Counseling


What is it?

Simply put it is going back to what the Judeo-Christian Bible, both the Old and the New Testament have to say about human kind, our nature, living life including happiness and pain, and hope. It is centered around the Judeo-Christian God (God the Father, The Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit). It is a holistic approach in that it takes into consideration all aspect of our nature: Body- the physical self, Soul/heart (our will, mind, and emotion) - the inner self, and spirit - the innermost part of us, where we unite/commune with God or God's enemy, Satan. It also takes into consideration the forces at work in and around us all the time that influences our lives for good or bad: The world (our society including culture and belief systems and ways of living), the self (who we are including our desires), adversarial spiritual forces (Satan and his unseen world), and God's Kingdom (God and His unseen  heavenly host).

Practically speaking, it includes prayer, consulting the Bible for answers, and incorporate the client's community (support systems).  

Who can benefit? Any client who is willing and open to Christian Counseling. It is an optional treatment model offered with client's consent. If you are interested, let your therapist know.

Christian Counselling

A woman reading the Bible, seeking directions and counsel.