Sheri Hamilton


Sheri Hamilton, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Life Coach

First of all I want to thank you for considering my counseling services to walk alongside you on your healing journey! I am an Oregon State Licensed Professional Counselor. My license number is C7767. I am an independent contractor with Guillaume Counseling Services, P.C. I am a certified life coach and the owner of Lily of the Valley Counseling and Coaching Services in Portland, Oregon. 

I earned my Masters Degree of Arts in Counseling in Portland, Oregon at Multnomah University. I believe counseling is a journey, and it is an honor and privilege to walk this journey alongside you. To begin your journey process, I believe you must first look into the past to identify the reasons you may think and behave that do not serve you, or produce positive change for you. Becoming aware and taking responsibility for current thinking and behavioral patterns, is pivotal to how your transformation can occur. I will not only be your mental health therapist, but I will be your coach, mentor and cheer-leader as you make continual progress on your journey whether milestones or major steps are equally important to celebrate. This will take teamwork and dedication to see your transformation take place. And to begin, my goal is to build your trust as we develop a therapeutic alliance. But you will always be the captain of your own counseling experience.


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My greatest joy and accomplishment is working within the Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) community. I have a great deal of experience, understanding and knowledge on how the effects of systemic racism can cause systemic trauma to the disenfranchised or oppressed, racial and ethnic groups. As an African American female therapist I too have had my shared experiences. In my counseling I take a psychoanalytical approach, providing trauma informed care along with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), utilizing an integrated methodology to individualize your treatment goals, such as Dialectical Behavior therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-based techniques and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). I may encourage homework assignments at times, such as journaling, meditation and deep breathing exercises.
For my pastime and self-care activities I enjoy traveling, going to the beach (it’s just something about the ocean that brings me serenity). I delight in reading, listening to soft jazz, and am a great fan of the theater arts.
My mission is to see you thrive and live your life on purpose, intentional and unapologetically. And know that I will assure you ethical services, integrity, honor, respect, thorough communication, and most of all creating a safe and non-judgmental space.