Therapeutic and Consulting Service Rates

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Payment Options and Policies for psychotherapy and consulting

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We accept all major credit cards, HSA cards, checks, and cash payment.

Benefit of self-pay: There is no requirement to meet medical necessity (having an insurance covered mental health diagnosis). Service is  driven by the client and not by an insurance company, and can cover a wide range of personal growth and life issues. Client can receive couples therapy, which is often not covered by  insurance company.


Currently, we accept Cigna, Oregon Health Share (OHP),  PPO out of network, and victim witness compensation. We are in the process of applying with multiple insurance carriers. Contact us for updates.

We understand the benefit of having a third-party pay for services, especially when a client meets medical necessity with a qualifying mental health diagnosis impacting every day functioning. We would like to give our clients the option of paying with their insurance. 

Please note that most insurance companies do not cover marriage counseling (couples therapy) and some cover family therapy under strict guideline. Also, often times, online therapy is not covered. Moreover, not all mental health concerns or diagnosis are covered. Treatment is driven by the insurance company and not by the client.  

Payment Policy

Client is responsible for payment of services. All services are paid at the time of each session. Client has the option to pay in advanced through the web portal. 

We require a major credit card on file for all clients. 

Our rates are subject to change without notice. 

Cancellation Policy

Please notify us at least 24 hours in advanced if you are unable to make it to a scheduled session.